Come try out Concept 7, a vertical slice of a horizontal shooter game! 

In Concept 7, you play as a painter facing off against hordes of enemy origami ships. Use your paintbrush to sling shots of paint at your enemy, and mix-and-match paint combos into all sorts of crazy effects!


Arrow Keys - Movement

Q - Fire Blue Paint

W - Fire Red Paint

E - Fire Yellow Paint

R - Use Combo

Space - Pause


Armed with versatile Red paint bullets, slow but hard-hitting Blue paint bullets, and speedy Yellow paint bullets, utilize your arsenal to clear the board of enemies. 

Whenever you manually input a color of paint, that color gets added to your combo queue, and each combo has a unique effect! Keep an eye on the bottom corner to see which effects you can create while you splatter enemies, and throw out wicked combos to catch the enemy off-guard!

From defensive shields, to paint-slinging minions, to huge firework explosions-! There's tons of combos to explore and blend to knock out enemy ships!


This game is currently uploaded as a vertical slice. There is only one level available to play at this point in time, and many of the menu screens have been locked for easy demo access.


Music Credits: DJGriffin